Providing affordable insurance...
...backed by experienced agent specialists.

Quirk Insurance is an independent insurance agency, providing affordable insurance services backed by experienced insurance agent specialists. When selecting your insurance agent keep in mind that you will need good service as well as good products. At Quirk Insurance we understand that when you actually need insurance you may not be able to get it, so we work with you beforehand to obtain the very best protection.

We provide insurance coverage for personal and commercial accounts. At our firm we use a Comprehensive Insurance Analysis (C.I.A.) to give you the information you need to make the best choices about protecting yourself from financial failure. We can’t protect against bad decisions but we can eliminate the pain of accidental losses that strike without warning. Every client is eligible for our highest level of service and commitment.

Real Life Questions!

Trusted Choice Independent Insurance Agent
  • If your house burned, how much insurance would you really get?
  • If you have a car accident will you owe more than it's worth and will it be repaired with original parts or after-market parts?
  • If you can't earn an income, what will you and your family do?
  • What 3 things can make it impossible for you to get life insurance?